Everday: new logo and cover design

The art of graphic design is strange in many ways. For one, in no other art someone’s lucky finds so quickly devolve into insufferable cliches. So the best you can do when designing something is get rid of any “art.” Just don’t stand in the way of your content trying to express itself. That doesn’t mean designing is easy; simplicity is the hardest thing to achieve.

I made a new logo and cover design for Everday, instead of the old one which was very hastily thrown together a couple years ago. Hopefully this one is good enough to see the book to a wider release. Take a look:


The cloud was photographed near my home, this summer. One thing worth noting is that the thumb above and the large image you get when you click on it are actually slightly different: in the thumb all letters have twice the stroke width of the large image – but due to the difference in scale they look about the same.


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