Finished first pass!

Just finished (rev. 12420) the first full pass of copyediting ever since I started writing the book. Previously I only did various overlapping patches and selections; now for the first time I went through all of it, from A to Z. (Well, to W, to be precise, as I don’t have anything at X, Y, or Z.)

That’s the good news; the bad news is that it’s still not finished. I already started yet another full pass, and it’s plowing almost as deep as the last one. Don’t really know how much longer it will take; I hope to release this year but no guarantees.    

This copyediting stretch is proving more frustrating than I imagined. After almost six years of work, I can still easily see lots of edits that make the text embarrassingly better. Which, of course, only shows how bad it was to begin with.


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