Enough tweaking — ready or not, here I come

I’m officially starting to publish Everday. A, B, C are up on the site. The rest will follow soon.

There are already some core concepts (Arf) as well as assorted soul candy (cloud hunting, badminton, Big Trees). But it’s just the beginning of the journey.

It’s going to be a hard plunge. Munching on this text has been central to my life for a long, long time. When the northern summer blooms — as it does now — each breath of forest and sea air is full of Everday for me. I’m going to miss it so.

But enough is enough, time to let it go. Let the cone unfold. Please read it, quote it, link to it. Ask me about it. Laugh or shrug.

Edit it, too. It’s a wiki for a reason. I’m not the real author, after all. You may be hearing something clearer than I could.