Everday: a New Year push

Here’s a bunch of Everday news for the holidays season.

Editing is final up to letter K inclusive. That’s about half of the book, just posted on the site. As usual, the new bunch has some fundamentals (intake, human scale, knowledge, home and garden) and a scattering of smaller juicy bits (guesthouses, hairtangle, grazing, haptic, game of i…). Enjoy.

Also, perhaps it is time to offer the book in more reading-friendly formats. The site is good for browsing and linking, but you may like to read it slowly offline or even print it. In fact, the book was written linearly, and it is intended to be read linearly, for there’s a certain flow and development to it (or so I like to think). Even an attempt at catharsis towards the end!

Here’s the PDF (half-Letter format), PDF (for small-screen devices), MOBI (for Kindle), EPUB (all other ebook readers), and a single-page HTML. These versions contain the edited first half; they will be updated as I post more of the book.

Also, there’s an entry for my book at Goodreads, which is a good site for book lovers. Please add your reviews and ratings there to help promote Everday.

Last and probably least, the book is also available on Amazon (as an ebook). There you get the entire book, including the still-unedited second half; however, there it costs about $1 (Amazon won’t let you sell anything cheaper than that). On the other hand, maybe these two inconveniences can balance each other out? Anyway, please add your ratings and reviews there too.

Oh, and just for completeness, here are my accounts on Facebook and Google+, mostly retranslating this blog. Feel free to friend or add or whatever.


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