Everday unpacked: a metapost

Everday is a difficult book. Dense, convoluted, almost impenetrable. That’s to be expected if you consider how this text came to be and what it needed to overcome to reach your screen. It had to be tough to survive. It had to be poetic because of all types of text, poetry is the sturdiest.

But the ideas that Everday builds upon can be presented in other ways, too. Now that transcribing of the canonical text is almost finished, I plan to write a series of posts that unpack the key concepts of the book and explain them in modern terms and more mundane language, as well as spell out many assumptions that Everday considers self-evident and only mentions in passing if at all. This is going to be a Gentle Introduction into Everday – hopefully the first of many.

At the moment this series contains two posts:

All “unpacked” posts can be found by tag.


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