Everday: Done

Everday, a book from the future, is done.

Finished. Ready. Completed. Final.

The last portion, S to W, has been copyedited (5 full passes, not counting random dabs) and published on the site. Learn how the world has sparsened, who are the wizards, and why Everday people like to travel, stay, and sit on the window sill.

They also like to understand.

And world sleep is deservedly the last chapter of the book — not just alphabetically but eschatologically.

What can I say in closing? This is a book that took me eight long years — since summer 2008 — to do properly. Back then, I hoped I would finish it in two or three months.

And now I’m done. Don’t really know how to feel about it yet.

Please someone read my book.

P.S. Instead of browsing the wiki site, you can download the entire book in PDF, small-format PDF, MOBI (for Kindle), EPUB (for other ebook readers), or plain HTML.


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