A new blurb for Everday on Goodreads:

Everday, a book from the future, is an encyclopedia of an imagined world — with entries on places and times, ideas and visions, discoveries and confusions, inventions and conventions, senses and sensations: tersely written, full of weird notions, idiosyncratic vocabulary, and cross-links. A “science nonfiction” tract that reads like fiction, it dances from sublime to bizarre to seemingly irrelevant, painting a picture of an enchanted world that may be our future.

A blend of futurology, philosophy, technological insights, and poetic asides, Everday offers its own unique take on artificial intelligence, Singularity, interstellar travel, post-scarcity social structures, transhumanism, Earth biology, and the future of our civilization. Everday refuses to play to the standard futurological precepts: it’s a future of strange dangers and strange joys, an uncommon look into what we humans may truly care about — and where that can lead us.


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