Everday visualized

Everday has many things, but pretty pictures aren’t one of them — at least not yet. But here’s something to gawk at. Made programmatically from the book’s text, this giant graph (click for a zoomable and clickable SVG image) surprised even myself by showing just how densely interlinked it all is.

Arrows are the cross-links. The size of each node reflects the size of the corresponding entry, and its color shows how many incoming and outcoming links it has (darker color means more links).

No algorithms (of those available in Gephi) were able to detect any clustering in this graph. This means in Everday, everything refers to everything else more or less symmetrically. However, there’s obviously a core of large and well-linked articles and a periphery of smaller and less linked scraps. It appears that the center of the book’s web is at Minds, which isn’t very surprising; I guess if there was an article on Humans it would have been linked even more.


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