Everday statistics

No, I don’t have any statistics about the world of Everday, yet. (Looks like numbers don’t pass the contratemporal filter.) But here are some curious tidbits about Everday-the-book.

The current wordcount is 77578. Not a big book at all — though it used to be bigger: three years of copyediting squeezed it by more than 10%.

A more interesting parameter is what I call density: the number of unique words divided by total number of words. This currently stands at 0.17. Three years ago it was just 0.14: copyediting eliminated a lot of wordiness, redundancy, repetitiveness.

By the way, this level of density is at least twice as high as in a typical English fiction book of this size. Only poetry comes close. For example, a collection of Emily Dickinson (some 40K words) has density of 0.15. Shakespeare with his Sonnets (18K words) is the champion at 0.19.

And the top ten nouns, by frequency, are: world, Arf, minds, art, life, time, human, knowledge, past, sleep.


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