Guaranteed income (a political aside)

Progressives seem to be flocking towards the idea of guaranteed income. It’s understandable, especially in view of the recent events in the US. Whatever those crazies want, they certainly wouldn’t say no to free money – who would? And that would hopefully soothe the beast – close the gap, quiet the discontent, prevent outright calamities. In short, it’s something that would let us go on with our interesting lives without the nasty surprises like this election thing.

It just looks like so fair a solution, so well-rounded, so failure-prone. Costly, yeah, but aren’t we automating the hell out of the economy already? It’s going to be peanuts.

What most progressives utterly fail to understand is how the idea of guaranteed income can, to some people, be deeply offensive. How it can enrage the beast instead of soothing. I hate to be a doomsayer but we’re in for more nasty surprises until we learn to talk to people and hear what they’re saying, instead of throwing money at them. (Well, we should throw money anyway, too, but talking comes first. Without it, money is useless.)

With all that, myself I am very supportive of the idea of guaranteed income. It’s a good first step towards the moneyless will-based economy of Everday.


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