The two baskets (another political aside)

Let’s take a very blurred view at the world. A sort-it-all-into-two-baskets kind of view.

First we have the sad basket. People are really acting weird lately. Need I go into details? Madness, madness everywhere. Sane rational people seem to be on defense and losing.

Not just by being outnumbered, mind you. The very assumptions of the sane rational people are being aggressively uprooted. “Trump won” is not the worst part; the worst part is how the sane rational people were so sure he would not win. “We,” so used to being right, suddenly found ourselves in the wrong. “They,” the very embodiment of ignoring reality and general absurdity, somehow, infuriatingly, ended up more right than us.

Fear, uncertainty, doubt. (Remember that phrase?)

But then there is the other basket: the fun basket, the wow basket, the (mostly) technology basket. All at about the same time, several big things that were kind of good ideas stopped being just good ideas and started actually moving — in a big way. Solar and wind are taking off. Electric and then self-driving cars are taking off. 3D printing is not quite taking off but may be close. And AI in general is really, finally, unbelievably, taking off.

“Coincidence? I don’t think so.”

Rational people seem to have solved things. Kudos for them! Now, if they want to go on with their fun without further nasty interruptions, they urgently, desperately need to solve other people.

Like, figure them out. Grok them. Understand them.

Otherwise the fun basket may well end up drowning in the sad basket.

Hint: rationalism is warm and cuddly, but it may not be the best tool for the job (more on that later).


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